Thursday, August 27, 2009

Granny's squares

I remembered! I remembered!

My oldest daughter, Joelle, and her oldest daughters, Julia (12) and Rachel (10) wanted me to teach them how to make crocheted granny squares during our 'staycation'.  They were quite popular when I was a teenager and I remember making myself a vest. I even remember the colors - navy, sky blue, white and rose.  Funny.

The problem is - I forgot how to crochet. So today I unearthed some of my Grandmother's old craft books and gave myself a little tutorial - and after a little stumbling around, crocheting came right back! It's amazing how fingers can remember something that is totally gone from the mind. They just started chaining and yarning over all by themselves. It's really quite fun and relaxing - perfect for someone who has a hard time sitting still but is supposed to be recuperating.

I guess crocheting and granny squares are back in style.

Check out this great throw from Urban Outfitters

See if you can find the granny squares here in this post from my favorite design blog

And here's a post with whole collection of crocheted afghan photos from Flickr

And don't you just love the old fashioned crafty colorful feeling here?

What fun!

Now I just need to fine a wonderful little yarn shop....


  1. That is fun!

    What a gorgeous quilt!

  2. k.... im ready for you to teach me!

  3. oops that was me, karenin. not jer. jer wouldn't want to learn to crochet i think...