Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wall art makeover

Do you have old, dated wall art laying around?

I do - and my daughter needed an art piece for her dining room. 

So I gave it a make-over

from this

to this

How? - I took it apart, removed the print, flipped it over, and painted this floral on the back. Then I painted the old frame and put it all back together again.

What if you don't paint? 

Here are some easy ideas for DIY wall art:

Paint the back of the old print a solid color and then cut and arrange paper triangles - idea from Lia Griffith

Here's a tutorial using paint chips by Sutton Grace 

or try circles - idea from Design Sponge

or just cover the old print with fabric

Of course this would work with inexpensive new frames as well 

So many possibilities...