Monday, February 28, 2011

Old animal lover picture

I came across this while cleaning off my desk today. It's from my days as a zookeeper.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here's what happens when you give a camera to 2 year old JJ

10 pictures of JJ's thumb

cool angle of the camera strap

a few interesting compositions

half a Sylie

Half a Grandma

Sylie tummy

A few good shots

pretty mommy

the beach

lady in a bikini next door

a great shadow shot

but then JJ decided he was holding the camera wrong - so he turned it around

very nice reflection composition

Great work JJ!

Here's what happens when you give a waterproof camera to Jer


We escaped Utah's winter to spend a few days in Cancun with Jeremy, Karenin and family. We stayed at the Azul Beach Resort.

What fun!

Our favorite spot?

Definitely the beach beds

We relaxed on our beach beds all day long - why leave?


Lunch - JJ's favorite, "hangurber!"

Sand is so fun

Water is funner

A little cooling Evian spray

The resort was nice

Definitely oriented toward kiddies

A yoga hut for grandmas

Kid-friendly bar with swinging beds

So-so food - in the restaurant

or on the beach

Pools - but we swam in the sea

The rooms were nice, but smallish

With a beach like this - who cares about rooms?

the end